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At The Village Connect

"We believe that there is no room for prejudice, persecution, judgment, and inequality in our fight against homelessness and poverty in Houston.  Our mission is "Connecting organizations and individuals to create the Village needed to light a path towards stability and independence".  Our vision is "To foster an environment of connectedness with our local community in order to effectively address multiple issues of episodic homelessness at once. We believe that by working together, we can provide compassionate, personalized, and comprehensive care for the episodically homeless of Houston".  In order to achieve our mission and work towards our vision we will continue to promote diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our work.  We understand that there is systemic racism and inherent prejudice in our society and that to succeed in conquering poverty, we must also first conquer the social injustices around, within, and among us.  Only then can we truly deliver on our mission and vision."

Truong Lam

Executive Director and Co-Founder

The Village Connect

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