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Our Model

The H.E.R.O.E.S Model


 We develop and provide services which strives to accomplish The Village Connect’s mission, Vision, and objectives. Our team works to identify gaps in services for the client and various underserved communities and utilize this knowledge to develop creative and alternative solutions to common barriers to stability, independence, and self-sufficiency through our HEROES Program. We focus on 6 key areas to provide stability to our clients through Health, Environment, Resources, Occupational, Educational, and Social support. 

  • We Work directly with clients and other homeless service providers. 

  • We identify problems in the homeless community and develop ways to solve them. 

  • We leverage and optimize local resources inside and outside of homeless services. 

  • We build pathways of stability for respective areas of need represented by our model.

  • We develop a thorough understanding of homeless services, episodic homeless population, policies, and current research and statistics. 

Doctor and Patient


The client’s well-being is monitored and client will have access to health facilities, healthcare providers, prescription medication and shelter during the course of the program with TVC.

Engineers at work


Provisions and basic necessities will be provided at each stage of assistance; this will ensure the client will have a basic level of stability while receiving assistance from TVC.  

Suburban Neighborhood


Client will have access to stable housing and shelter during the course of the program with TVC

Giving a Speech


This category ensures that the client will be working or is actively searching for employment while participating in the program with TVC.



This category does not only include formal training but continuing education for the client as he/she understands how to navigate D2D, stabilization, and long-term resources and services independently.  Includes workshops and programs which complement the TVC service as well as educational career goals.  

Support Group Session


TVC will make sure to provide an environment of social security and comfort for the client where the client does not feel discriminated or judged but encouraged and supported.  Essentially, the client will have access to a social support system which allows them to maintain a healthy and positive mindset throughout the course of the program.



Long term

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