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 Internship Program

        The Village Connect is launching its first-ever Internship Program for 2023. The Internship Program is a 4-month program designed for students that want to reach their career goals while making a meaningful impact on peoples lives.   

 We are looking to fill multiple positions and will be accepting applications year-round for this program as well as for the Fall cohort. These interns will work closely with the Executive Director, as well as Internal operations and the Community Solutions teams, and will be guided according to their career goals.  Upon completion of the program, interns will be given a "graduation" certificate and recommendation letter. More information about the program can be found in the table below. 







If you would like to take part in our internship program click on one of the links below and join our village. 

intern objectives .png

Table 1. These are some of the objectives and projects we hope you accomplish over the time of your internship. However, these are not all of the objectives and projects that you will work on. We also hope that you will develop personalized projects that fit within your career goals. 

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