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At The Village Connect, we aim to break that cycle! 

Many facing homelessness in the Houston area have difficulty finding stability even with existing resources. Oftentimes, individuals may find themselves slipping back into homelessness, which can start a vicious cycle that seems impossible to escape.

Find Home with The Village Connect

The Village Connect Approach

Connecting individuals with Houston's many resources and working with other homeless service providers to bring stability and security

All Hands In

Diversity Matters

We believe diversity matters. Read about our commitment to diversity and inclusion!

Working Outdoors

 TVC Blog

Want to know more about our work, and past projects? Join our discussion!

Mother Daughter Portrait

Client Story

Every Client is unique and important to us. Read about their journey with TVC!

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Filming Streets


Want to know what's going on in Houston with homelessness? Check out our newsletter!

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