At The Village Connect, we aim to break that cycle. 

Many facing homelessness in the Houston area have difficulty finding stability even with existing resources. Oftentimes, individuals may find themselves slipping back into homelessness, which can start a vicious cycle that seems impossible to escape.

The Village Connect Approach

Connecting individuals with Houston's many resources and working with other homeless service providers to bring stability and security

“We will tackle this complicated issue, and we will do it humanely with a meaningful approach that balances the needs of the homeless and the concerns of neighborhoods they impact.”

-Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, March 2017

Building Relationships

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Building great relationships with our clients and neighbor organizations is our number one priority. We value strong communication and teamwork.

Providing Personalized Care

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Every client's story is unique, and their path to stability will be too. That is why our team makes personalized plans to meet the needs of each individual. We value quality of service over quantity.

Instilling Leadership

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We will instill knowledge and skills to make their own path and continue maintaining stability.

Let's Break the Cycle

Make an Impact