TVC Sponsorship Program 2020 Pilot

        The Village Connect is launching our first ever TVC Sponsorship Program for the year 2020. The Sponsorship Program is a 3 month program designed to help clients reach their short and long-term goals through a personalized game-plan.  

 1 person will be selected for the program and will be guided by our skilled consultants for 3 months beginning January 2020 until March 2020. Upon completion of the program, clients will be given a certificate. In addition to consulting services, the client will receive a Resource Packet with the following:

Information binder

Cell phone with minutes

Metro Q Card

...and more!


If you would like to refer someone for the program, you can click the link below. Also feel free to reach out to us at to speak to one of our team members!

We are currently raising funds to reach our goal of $1000 for the program. 100% of your donation goes towards the client and helps with purchasing the materials in their Resource Packet and other services such as work clothes and rental housing assistance.