Our Neighborhood

TVC Network of Partner Organizations

At The Village Connect, we believe that in order to make the best impact in our client's lives, we must work together. We value building strong relationships with not only our clients, but also with other organizations around us. As the age old saying goes "it takes a village" to help someone in need. Our Neighbors are service organizations with whom we work along side to reach our goals in breaking the cycle of homelessness. These providers are equally passionate about the cause and have much to offer through their wide range of expertise.  Learn more about these groups below and how you can get connected.

HPDs Homeless Outreach Team is a group of brave and outstanding individuals within the Houston Police Department's Mental Health Division who are dedicated to serving the homeless in the Houston Area. Everyday, they save lives of of those most ignored and neglected.

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The Landing is a drop-in center for victims of human trafficking. Lead by Natasha Paradeshi, the Landing team helps victims find safety, heal, and discover a brighter future.

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Patient Care Intervention Center creates public health interventions through social work, data analysis, and technology. We are proud to expand our neighborhood with their expertise in the field of healthcare for the homeless and disadvantaged.


The Way Home has brought together homeless service agencies and other stakeholders since 2012 to set standards for a continuum of care in the Houston area. 

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