Navigating the System

Our process includes 3 tiers of services in which each case management plan is developed. The flowchart lays out how we guide our clients and navigate Houston's resources.

Referrals and Outreach 

We meet our clients through outreach or Neighbor (partner organization) referrals

Initial Needs Assessment

We assess our clients needs and how we can deliver the best resources.

Personalized Game Plan

Case management plans tailored to each client based on 3 tiers of services.

Checkpoint Meetings

Clients meet with us regularly to we check our progress.


We reflect on our journey and prepare our clients for independence.

Tier 1: Basic Care

Basic services are provided to meet client's short term goals.

Tier 2: Continued Care

Case management plans in this tier may involve career or educational services.

Tier 3: Extended

Establishing and maintaining permanent housing is most often in this category.