TVC Client Sponsorship Program

The Village Connect is actively raising funds to provide comprehensive assistance to homeless individuals in Houston who are experiencing difficulty during the pandemic.  We are hoping to raise enough funds to sponsor clients who will be going through our H.E.R.O.S model for stabilization and success.

Meet Mr. Tien Nguyen




We were first introduced to Mr. Tien through a Facebook referral in April of this year.  Mr. Tien is an elderly Vietnamese gentleman who came to us having been on and off the streets for the past 15 years.  Throughout his time here in Houston, he has been seeking assistance from established homeless service providers like The Beacon.  However, they have been unable to help him become fully stable.  Since The Village Connect started working with him we have been able to secure temporary housing, helped him apply for government benefits such as food stamps, provide basic daily needs and services, and continue to find ways to stabilize Mr. Tien's situation.    



But we still need your help

We are unsure when Mr. Tien will be taken off the waitlist to receive housing.  We are working to provide his regular needs in the midst of the ongoing pandemic and we hope you can give us a hand.  We are looking to raise $9,000 to help him for the next 8 months (TVC actively works with a client, at the most, for one year).  Here is the breakdown...

100% of your donation goes to the client and helps with purchasing basic necessities, daily needs, and other costs necessary for stable living. Any remaining amount not used for the current client will be directly forwarded to our future clients.

Donate Today

Your donation to The Village Connect will enable us to continue to bring critical services to the many individuals and families struggling to find the help they need.  With your help, we can, together, create the Village needed to light a path towards stability and independence.